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Being caring, friendly and fair – our vision is to add real value when meeting the needs of our clients.

ParadigmIT was created by Mark Cargill and Angela Dunsire in 2014 in response to an assessment of a growing need in business for cost-effective and pragmatic advice on a range of web and general IT issues for the small to medium sized business sector.

From helping you create that first email address, develop that first website, choose that first bit of tech when your home laptop no longer works for you, to helping you develop your website and ensure that your systems are best suited to the needs of your growing business.

We specialise in providing support and solutions for the small to medium-sized business sector – we make it our goal to understand your requirements, to help you think outside the box, and to work with you to develop your ideas to their full potential.

With over 40 years of experience in IT and over 20 years experience in Accountancy we not only understand  your IT issues but we understand the need for good practical and cost effective advice.  We prefer to remove the jargon, and we understand that the ‘latest thing’ is not always what is best suited to your business.

We understand that web and IT are not always high on the priorities when you are first start your business so have started this blog.  It’s free!  It’s just us posting what we hope are helpful tips and guidance, keeping the jargon to a minimum.  There’s a specific start-ups blog, leading with an article on setting up that first business email address.